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Reunification Day

Reunification Day 2025 and 2026

Vietnam celebrates Reunification Day on 30 April. This is the date of the fall of Saigon to Communist forces at the tail end of the Vietnam War. Soon after taking the city, it was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the North’s famous leader.

202530 AprWedReunification Day
202630 AprThuReunification Day
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Although Saigon fell on 30 April, 1975, the official unification of North Vietnam and South Vietnam into simply Vietnam came on 2 July of the following year.

On this day, you will see the Vietnamese flag flying high all over the country. There will be a parade in Ho Chi Minh City, and many political leaders will give public speeches. Banks and government offices will shut down for the day, and many will get the day off work or school. Many tour the country during this time of year, with the tomb of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi being the number one site to visit.

As Reunification Day comes on the day before Labour Day, it is part of a larger celebratory period.

Previous Years

202430 AprTueReunification Day
202330 AprSunReunification Day
2 MayTueReunification Day Holiday